Schedule a free, no obligation home consultation with one of our Backyard Innovators.  We will create a virtual 3-D design and proposal of your dream backyard and work with you to bring your ideas to life.

We specialize in building new pools and offer backyard remodeling services that include everything from swimming pool remodeling to complete backyard makeovers.

We offer a large selection of designs for pergolas, fire pits, unique water features and outdoor kitchens.

Project Process

Here are the steps we go through to get you into your dream pool:

  • Design and Prep:

    Permitting, CAD design, and we paint the layout of your pool and spa (if included) so you can see how it will fit in your yard.   

  • Dig Day!

    The form boards are installed, and the excavator arrives to remove the dirt. 

  • Installation:

    Plumbing and pool equipment is installed. Steel reinforced rebar is placed throughout the pool structure and Gunite is applied to the pool shell. 

  • Dressing the Pool:

    Tile, coping and water features, such as waterfalls, are added to the pool.  Plaster is installed followed by an acid wash. Then water is added to pool.

  • Decking:

    Your concrete or pavers are installed.   

  • Clean Up:

    Our clean-up crew removes all construction debris.   

  • Pool School:

    A tour and instructions on how to properly operate and maintain your new Chaparral Pool. 

  • Dive In!